Recipe: Tortellini Soup I

Recipe: Tortellini Soup I

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This is a wonderfully hearty soup that brings raves when you serve it Add some crusty French or Italian bread and a tossed green salad and thats all you will need Serve with grated Parmesan cheese.

Tortellini Soup I Ingredients

  • 1 pound Italian sausage

  • 1 cup chopped onion

  • 2 cloves garlic, minced

  • 5 cups beef broth

  • cup water

  • cup dry red wine

  • 8 ounces fresh tortellini pasta

  • 1 cup sliced carrots

  • 2 cups stewed tomatoes

  • teaspoon dried basil

  • teaspoon dried oregano

  • 8 ounces tomato sauce

  • 1? cups sliced zucchini

  • 2 green bell peppers, seeded and cubed

  • 3 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley

How to Make Tortellini Soup I

  1. Remove casings from sausage. Brown sausage and cook until crumbly. Remove meat from pot. Reserve 1 tablespoon drippings.

  2. Cook onion and garlic in the drippings until tender. Add broth, water, wine, carrots, tomatoes, basil, oregano, tomato sauce, and the cooked sausage. Bring to a boil; reduce heat and simmer uncovered 30 minutes.

  3. Add zucchini, green peppers, parsley, and tortellini. Simmer another 25 minutes, covered, for fresh tortellini, or 45 minutes, covered, for frozen tortellini. Serve with fresh parmesan cheese sprinkled over the top.

Tortellini Soup I Nutritions

  • Calories: 240 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 15.2 g

  • Cholesterol: 36.1 mg

  • Fat: 14.7 g

  • Fiber: 2.3 g

  • Protein: 10.6 g

  • SaturatedFat: 5.6 g

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 932.1 mg

  • Sugar: 4.6 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Tortellini Soup I Reviews

  • This has to be one of the best soups Ive ever made. It has a great flavour, but I did find a pound of sausage to be too much. I will cut the meat down at least by half. I used fairly spicy italian sausage. I omitted the peppers and didnt have parmesan cheese. My husband has already asked for it again

  • OH MY GOSH This is the BEST soup We all loved it, even the kids…. I made a couple of modifications, because of what I had on hand… instead of sausage, I used ground beef… instead of beef broth I used chicken… and omitted the red wine and instead added a tablespoon or so of Worchestershire sauce. YUMMY STUFF

  • This was fantastic The only thing I changed was using added beef broth for the water and only using a dash of wine. My husband loved it and is taking the leftovers (I halved the recipe)for lunch tomorrow. Im jealous. My toddler picked the tortellini and sausage out. Next time I make it, Ill try fresh tortellini rather than frozen. Thanks for a yummy dinner

  • This soup has a wonderful flavor and is very satisfying. Im impressed with the simplicity of the ingredients and preparation. Like others, I substituted paste for sauce and then made a few other modifications, like two small potatoes instead of zucchini, omitting the peppers and parsely, substituting 2 cups of rotini for the tortellini, and using 28 oz. of stewed tomatoes. Worked great A very versatile recipe, Donna. Nice job.

  • WOW, WOW, WOW Never before has a recipe been so complete and adjustable at the same time This was great because you can follow the recipe or you can tweek it to fit your pantry/fridge and still get great results everytime I added celery and 1 red bell and 1 green instead of 2 greens. I used a bit of Prego chunky garden combo sauce and a can of tomato paste in place of the tomatoe sauce and added a bit more spice since I used italian turkey rather then pork and the results were amazing. I ate it for breakfast and dinner the next day. I just couldnt get enough Many Thanks

  • Excellent Soup, Very HeartyI used hot Italian sausage and tomato paste instead of tomato sauce. My family loved it.

  • I thought this was a fabulous way to make Tortellini soup. I left out the bell peppers (Contadina Stewed Tomatoes already had some in their cans and its not overpowering either) and swapped the Tomato sauce for Tomato Paste. However, do not use too much. In my opinion, I prefer the beef broth. Add to much sauce/paste and it thickens into a pasta sauce, which is great too, but its not how I vision tortellini soup so i think keeping to the broth is best with all the additions Thanks Donna. It tasted super delicious on the very first try Now thats what I call a really good recipe

  • I loved this soup and my husband said its the best soup hes ever had I used the three cheese tortellini and the flavor was excellent. Thank you Donna

  • THE BEST … I made this soup with Thanksgiving Dinner. My family, even the kids, couldnt stop raving about it. To make it more like a soup, rather than a stew, I added 4 more cups of beef broth. I substituted frozen red & green bagged peppers for the fresh green peppers. I made it the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to let the flavors blend. I had a bowl for Wednesdays lunch. It was delicious. I will absolutely make this again… Thanks Donna

  • We dont eat meat so I substituted Boca Italian sausage (4 links) and used a little olive oil. Also used a veggie broth instead of beef and it was OUTSTANDING Great for a cold winter evening

  • I think this is one of the best soups Ive ever tasted. Ive made it three times now and it has been a hit each time. I play around with the veggies depending on what I have (sometimes add squash in addition to zucchini or different color bell peppers). One recommendation to those who have stated this soup can be oily: drain the sausage well after cooking. This last time I even wrapped the meat in paper towels to remove more grease. Enjoy this wonderful soup

  • I made this last night and it was WONDERFUL. However, I made a few alterations. Instead of Italian sausage, I used 4 links of HOT Jennie-O Turkey Italian Sausage (prepared the same way) and used 4 cups of Swanson Low Sodium Chicken Broth, with a whole cup of water, and I did not use wine. I found Italian Style Stewed Tomatoes that were wonderful, and I used about a half a cup mixed green, red, and yellow peppers that I purchased pre-cut at the grocery. For the Tortellini I used a spinach with cheese kind that was fresh (not frozen or dried). This was so easy to make and it made a TON Will make again

  • Great recipe. I used turkey Italian sausage and added some pepper and cayenne pepper to add some spice. Added some fresh baby spinach leaves during the last 25 mins and it turned out excellent. Next time Ill try the hot Italian sausage.

  • A friend brought this soup to one of our church small group get togethers and it was WONDERFUL She used chicken broth, so I followed suit and did the same. I also couldnt find frozen zucchini anywhere and it is not currently in season so I used a frozen Italian veg mix that has carrots, zucchini, and red peppers…all of which are in the soup anyway and it saved me prep time Score. 🙂 Good stuff

  • The tortellini was weird, my boyfriend took it out when he ate the soup. The soup was very oily and despite the vegetables, it felt so unhealthy.

  • I changed the recipe to use shredded chicken instead to make it a little lighter.

  • Delicious and healthy Well definately make this one again Maybe with a little heat next time 🙂

  • Delicious Used chicken sausage instead of pork sausage and shredded my carrots instead of sliced. Used a fresh cheese tortellini which cooked in just a few minutes in this soup which I added at the end. Served with red hot pepper flakes and grated pecorino romano on top. Also served with a crusty ciabatta bread. So good

  • Hearty, flavorful, healthy… One of those soups that "hits the spot". My family loves this Fabulous recipe as written, but after making this many times, I make a few changes that are purely personal preference. I leave out the water and use 3 cups beef and 3 cups vegetable broth, chop up the stewed tomatoes so there arent huge chunks (or my kids would never eat it), *julienne* carrots (really does something for the texture), double the zucchini, and omit the bell peppers or halve the amount (too bitter for my liking, I guess), and I like to add a can of kidney beans (drained & rinsed). Fantastic paired with garlic bread sticks

  • This really is delicious. I used the hot italian sausage and I didnt think it was too hot. I didnt have carrots so I used a sweet potato cubed up. I also had only chicken broth. Two cans of diced tomatoes with basil, garlic, and onion already in the can. My package of fresh tortellini was bigger than called for so my only mistake was not having enough liquid. Next time will use more broth. It was great

  • My oh my This is delicious. Perfect recipe.

  • The only thing I did differently was add an entire package of frozen tortellini (19 oz). I loved this soup. So hearty and delicious.

  • I love it Soo yummy 🙂

  • Hearty, filling and delicious Will definitely make again

  • Delicious Hearty, and an excellent way to use sprng vegetables 🙂

  • After experimenting with a few Tortellini Soup recipes, this is the one I will now go to. Using the stewed tomatoes are much easier than peeling and chopping fresh ones. The 2 green peppers added a good heartiness to the soup as well.

  • This was a wonderful soup Im sure I will make it often

  • O…M…G Five stars to the max man. Me and the hubby have been counting calories for a while now and so I was excited to try this soup since Ive missed eating pasta/Italian food. Unfortunately Italian food is SUPER high calorie : (. Either way, I made it tonight and let me tell you, it lived up to every bit of its rating. My husband had two bowls and I would have too if I had the leftover calories for it. The only thing I did differently was to add more veggies and tortellini since I like a super chunky soup. I also used water and beef bouillon cubes instead of liquid beef stock…it didnt make any difference at all though. Yum I will definitely make this again.

  • Awesome recipe I used ground beef instead of Italian sausage and everyone in the family LOVED it Theres no leftovers

  • Made this with my husbands homemade duck sausage – followed recipe to the letter otherwise. DELICIOUS – even the kids ate it up. Will make again, sure to be a family favorite

  • Amazing. My husband and I loved it. I did not have enough beef broth so I used some chicken broth to complete the recipe. We will definitely be making this again Great way to use frozen tortellini

  • Soup was fantastic Ive never tried a soup like this before so I was unsure if my family would like it. They did I used hot Italian sausage, and tomato paste. Gave it great flavor and a little bit of a thicker texture. Loved it topped with the Parmesan cheese I will defiantly make it again

  • This soup is really good. I havent heard a complaint yet 🙂

  • Love it Everyone loves it.

  • My husband loved it, was a little spicy for children. Even better left over.

  • A good hearty soup that got a thumbs up from the whole family. I thought I had sausage in the freezer and found I didnt, so put some chopped salami in instead. I served it as is to the kids and added a little sea salt, pepper and Tabasco Sauce to mine 😉

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe I made no modifications because I think its perfect the way it is

  • This soup was a hit at our house. My husband said that it may be the best soup hes ever eaten. Even my soup-phobic teenage son gave it a thumbs up. I omitted the bell peppers and parsley. It served our family of five and we still had three bowls worth of leftovers for lunch the next day. Yum Cant wait to have it again.

  • Healthy and good…not exciting

  • Try with chicken and chicken broth instead of beef and sausage still sooooo good.

  • I actually liked this dish very much. It was simple and tasty. The rest of my family did not. I did add some left over mushrooms and yellow squash that I had in the refrigerator and stiill thought it was delicious.

  • I made this recipe for a sick friend and it went over very well. I used ground turkey instead of sausage and yellow pepper instead of green. I used three cheese Buitoni tortellini and added it to the pot about a half hour before serving. Awesome

  • This soup is great I used soy sausage crumbles rather than Italian sausage. My boyfriend did not realize it was imitation sausage until he was halfway through the bowl. I also substituted chicken broth for beef broth and I did not add any water.

  • We had this with our lasagna dinner last night and the kids loved it. I deleted the red wine, sausage, and increased the flavor by adding pre sauted browned onions. I also omitted the tortellini and added acini de pepe. I also think the kids liked it better.

  • My family loves this. I make it and send it back with my daughter to college.

  • Made it exactly as directed…..Delicious Would definately make it again.

  • Very delicious soup I made it exactly per the directions and it was amazing. I used a pound of spicy italian chicken sausage (it was on sale at the local Sprouts) and used 5 tsps of "its better than bouillon" paste + 5 cups of water to substitute the beef broth. I was actually surprised by how flavorful it was. wonderful winter soup, definitely would recommend it

  • This was really great We all liked it very much, and I will make it again.

  • YUM i used the fresh tortelini and then freezed the rest. MMMM mmmmm

  • This was great I used smoked turkey sausage, chicken broth instead of beef, added 1 cup chopped celery, 2 T. tomato paste and 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes. Sauteed all veggies in oil, then added tomatoes, broth, tomato paste, pasta & simmered.We loved it. To make it quicker, I plan to cut all veg up & place in one freezer bag. probably wld be good w/orzo pasta too.

  • DELISH It turned out to be more like a stew than a soup, which was just fine The sausage gave it really intense flavor and the aroma filled the house. My husband loved it We had enough for 2 nights plus a light lunch. I served a French Dip sandwich with it on the second night. Very filling and very good

  • We all loved the soup. The flavor was excellant. It really did not take that long to prepare and not that long to cook. I E-mailed it to a friend.Since there is only 2 of us I put the remaining soup in the freezer for, I dont feel like cooking night

  • Best soup I have ever made.

  • This was sooo good. I highly recommend this recipe. I did use half the amount of sausage and it was plenty. This is such a hearty soup, guys especially love it

  • Very good I didnt have zucchini, so I used spinach and cabbage. I added extra basil and garlic.

  • This soup was excellent. I made it to go with our Christmas dinner and everyone went for seconds.

  • 5 stars all the way I bought the ingredients last night to prepare for cooking club at my house today and my husband couldnt wait I had to make it last night for dinner and he said "This is the best soup Ive ever had" All of the moms at cooking club today loved it and so did the kids I used turkey saus. and changed the bell pepper to red and it was great A new household favorite

  • My family, including my finicky 2-year-old, loved this soup I had to substitute tortelli with rotini noodles due to a milk allergy, but it still turned out delicious. Perfect for a cold day

  • Nice flavor for a simple rustic soup, will keep on file and make again for a cool winter day.

  • Wonderful flavor I used 1 lb. hot sausauge- very good, and an additional can of crushed tomatoes, a 15 oz. can of tomato sauce & stewed tomatoes. I only used 1 large green pepper and it seemed enough for my tastes. I also used dry tortellini and cooked it only half the time reccommended on the packaging. Even better the next day Will definately make this again

  • I have been making this soup for several years now. It is great. Everyone loves it. Even have used it at catering jobs.We have it on Christmas Eve every year.Sometimes I leave the Tortellini on the side so it is less carbs.

  • YUM My husband said this is one of the best things I have ever made. SO good and I didnt change a thing except I left out the peppers. Filling and a complete /meal in itself … I just served with pugliese bread.

  • I feel like I can properly review this now that Ive have tasted the leftovers. Delicious A great way to get a big vegetable serving in your diet. I really drained the sausage well, and cooked the onion/garlic in a non stick pan so I didnt have any grease in the soup. Very good. I followed the recipe with the following exceptions: I never measure exactly, red and yellow bell pepper, and no red wine or parsley. Highly recommend you try this hearty soup. I had it with and without parmesean – both good. Paired perfectly with a fresh multigrain bread from the bakery. Enjoy a bowl for youself.

  • What a wonderful combination of flavors My familys new favorite

  • This is the first recipe from this site Ive felt compelled to return and review–the soup turned out amazingly Im excited to finish the leftovers

  • AMAZING I made it for our family Sunday dinner. I love how pretty it was. My husband LOVED it. He wanted more sausage…but I think that is just a guy thing. I added some yellow squash for even more color. It tasted great. I almost think I would rather use only yellow squash. The only think I would suggest doing differently is cooking it less at the end. My zucchini and squash got very mushy. I will definitely make this again

  • I have made this soup twice. The first time I followed the recipe exactly.When I made it Halloween night I added another pound of hot Italian sausage and used two cans of diced tomatoes with chili peppers, used red and green peppers and added summer squash to the mix. Instead of tortellini, I used spinach ricotta ravioli.I also added the rind off of parmesean cheese chunk as I had seen that on the Food Network. You remove the rind when the soup is done. This an enormous amount of delicious soup.Parents of my trick or treaters were asking what the aroma was and even asked to try it. I ended up having to print off several copies. My husband loves this soup. I served it with an spinsch garlic artisan bread from When Pigs Fly Bakery the first time and had leftover cheddar garlic biscuits the second time. This is a keeper for sure.

  • SO GOOD I loved this soup and got many compliments Will absolutely make this again I didnt have any wine so I just added an extra 1/2 cup of water…I do want to try it with the wine next time though

  • This soup was so good My Husband LOVED it Thanks for sharing your recipe 🙂

  • Ive made this so many times and its unbelievably good. Ive taken leftovers to work (it makes a LOT) and my coworkers are always happy 🙂 I dont change a thing…its great as is edit…I fibbed a little I forgot that Ive tried this using turkey italian sausage and its still delicious, flavorful and a hair lighter in fat

  • What a soup This is delicious. And my hubby, who doesnt like squash and zucchini told me to make sure that I kept this recipe

  • Very good I didnt have zucchini, so I used spinach and cabbage. I added extra basil and garlic.

  • I Found this recipe to be fantastic… I have made many different recipes from this web site, however of all them this is the best i have made… it is full of flavor….

  • Ive streamlined the recipe a bit to cut down on dishes and ingredients. I brown the sausage in the pot with a little olive oil, 2 Tbsp rehydrated minced onion and 1 tsp jarred minced garlic. When the meat is done, I pour one large can of beef broth over the undrained meat and skip the water and red wine. The rest of the recipe I use as is, sometimes adding chopped spinach or arugala in place of the parsley. This soup is always a hit at our house.

  • AMAZING base recipe I doubled parts of the recipe to load it up with lots of veggies and cooked it all in my Dutch oven. I omitted the water and bell pepper. I used sweet Italian turkey sausage instead of pork. I sauted 4 cloves of minced garlic (we love garlic) with the onion. I added 5 cans of beef broth along with broccoli that needed to be used, carrots, one 12oz can of Hunts whole tomatoes (used kitchen shears to cut them up), one can of fire roasted diced tomatoes, one small can of garlic tomato sauce, added the herbs, and simmered it in the Dutch oven uncovered for 30 min. I then added a package (8oz) of spinach tortellini and a package (8oz) of prosciutto tortellini, diced up one zucchini and two squash. I also sauted up diced crimini mushrooms and added with the tortellini. Lastly, I substituted dry sherry for red wine (didnt have any red wine). As the day went on I continued to add cans of beef broth to accompany all the yummy veggies. The juice was one of the best parts of this stew My husband raved this was the best stew he has ever had. I must agree. It will become a staple in our household.

  • Easy and delicious soup, many different variations can be made and Ill make again with different veggies I have around. I thought the wine really added a lot of flavor, dont skip it

  • Added carrots, fresh green beans, used canned tomatos, it was tasty and delicious. Too lazy to add wine, dumped all the veggies in at once at the start. Really good

  • This soup has really great flavor. I forgot to add my parsley and I still thought it was great.

  • I tinkered with this recipe (a lot), and it still turned out great I left out the zucchini, the wine, and the basil and added red pepper flakes. Im also pretty sure I didnt use the right kind of sausage, because mine didnt crumble as the directions described, but it was still very good. I would definitely make this again and add spinach on top. Yum

  • Always gets rave reviews… I make at least once a month in the winter

  • When I first made this, I was a little leary, because I wasnt sure my family (especially the kids) would like it given the ingredients. I made it exactly as the recipe stated and it was actually wonderful. The only reason Im giving it 4 stars is because it was actually pretty greasy. If I could find a lower fat sausage or a turkey sausage, I think I might like it better. I cut up the veggies the night before, so when I got home from work all I had to do was brown the sausage and throw everything else together and let it simmer.

  • Perfect

  • I used turkey sausage and water instead of beef broth as my boyfriend does not eat beef or pork. I added red beans instead of zucchini because I just dont like it. ;p I threw it all in the crockpot I served it with garlic bread and sparkling red grape juice. with blueberry crepes as dessert.

  • I really didnt like this. It was easy to put together and all but the flavor was just not good in my opinion. Husband had seconds but said he didnt like it much either.

  • I didnt change a thing and it was wonderful. My whole family gobbled it up But, this is certainly the type of soup recipe that you could clean out your fridge with. Just throw all those extra veggies in…it was delicious

  • This was a great and easy soup. I added more broth when adding the peppers. It still turned out a little thick but it was delicious

  • Fantastic My daughter told me about this, so we had to try it. I only used about 1/2 a green pepper, no wine or water, and 2 boxes of Swanson beef broth. I didnt have any dried oregano so I put in a pinch of ground oregano. I honestly dont think you can mess up this recipe. My husband is not a fan of either tortellini or green pepper, and he loved it

  • I used the costomize option, and made this for 100 people at my church and it was great.

  • The broth of this soup was really good; it had a great flavor. However, the vegetables were not tender enough. I have a gas stove and letting the green pepper and zucchini simmmer for 45 minutes (I used frozen tortellini) was not enough time. Next time I will sautee the carrots, peppers, and zucchini at the beginning with the onions and garlic and then let the recipe simmer for 30 minutes before adding the tortellini. Also, my husband was not a huge fan of tortellini being in a soup. I liked it though.

  • Delish I hate onions, so I subbed celery; I also added some chopped spinach.

  • Great soup. My family doesnt like zucchini – so I substituted 1 1/2 c. chopped spinach. Great for cold winter nights.

  • This was the perfect soup for a cold winter night. My husband turned his nose up when he looked at it but gave me rave reviews as he went back for thirds

  • We love this soup Substitute uncased turkey sausage for pork for a lighter meal. Also, use a good quality tortellini. I made with a dried brand (not-so-good) and with refrigerated fresh (so-so-good)…..the best ingredients make such a difference

  • Great recipe I wanted to make this a little healthier so I left out the sausage and it still tasted great.

  • This soup was delicious. I happened to have everything on hand that I needed when I found it except the tortellini (which is clearly an important ingredient). I substituted bow-tie pasta, which worked just fine. I cooked it separately, and then added it in while the zucchini and bell peppers cooked. My little ones loved this soup I think they ate the pasta mostly, but they definitely ate some of the rest too. Yum. I will make this again

  • Great, satisfying recipe I cooked the soup the night before I served it, and if I did it again, I would add the tortellini the day I served it. The pasta absorbed a lot of the liquid from the soup.

  • This soup is excellent. My family was impressed The only thing I did differently was to omit the bell peppers and I added frozen spinach. I came out wonderfull. Thanks Donna.

  • I used Gianelli hot italian sausage and a food processor for the veggies. Absolutely NO GREASE from the sausage and the taste was awesome. Definitely a keeper – top of the list

  • VERY GOOD I will put this into my regular meal rotation for sure Kids and hubby loved it as well I did not have wine on hand so I will try making it with the wine as suggested next time.

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